Thousands of protestors have been rallying and committing acts of civil disobedience during Ferguson October’s “Weekend of Resistance.” The protests, organized in an effort to continue shedding light on police brutality after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was killed in August, led to multiple arrests, over a dozen on “Moral Monday” alone. Hundreds of protesters marched […]

Ferguson October has been eye-opening, as its “Weekend of Resistance” – where protesters have come together to march against police brutality in the black community – brought out thousands in the past couple of days. Ferguson police arrested a total of 17 people during this weekend of planned protesting. During the incident, hundreds gathered around at […]

It is not a pretty sight in Ferguson, St. Louis right now, but we’re hoping that it is all for a greater purpose in the end. A “Weekend of Resistance” is currently being held in the city, with thousands of protestors gathering to march throughout the area in an effort to send a message to […]

This weekend, protesters are coming together to stand up against the Ferguson Police Department by way of a highly publicized “Weekend Of Resistance.” It kicked off on Friday, with protestors hitting the street to send an important message to authorities. During the protests, a man named Koran Addo was taking photos from afar, when he happened to […]