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This weekend, protesters are coming together to stand up against the Ferguson Police Department by way of a highly publicized “Weekend Of Resistance.”

It kicked off on Friday, with protestors hitting the street to send an important message to authorities.

During the protests, a man named Koran Addo was taking photos from afar, when he happened to take one of the most powerful pictures of the entire movement.

A little boy named Nigel ran from his mother and grandmother’s arms, and into the middle of the street, as they yelled at him to wait up for them. In the distance, young Nigel looks out at the rest of the protestors marching along, heading in his direction.

Koran captioned the photo:

Young Nigel waits for the rest of the marchers to catch up.

The mother of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen who was shot down by Officer Darren Wilson on August 8th, joined the crowd to march, according to reports.

She was amongst the 3,000-person march that incorporated a giant puppet, a cracked-mirror coffin that stared at police, vigils, and rallies, with the crowd growing more and more by the hour.

There was even an image that went viral, showing a black protestor staring down a black state trooper as the people of Ferguson confronted the police face-to-face.

The Washington Post reported more on what the protest scene looked like during the day:

Golliday, of the Hands Up United group, volunteered to be a de-escalator. Her job, put simply, is to “float through the crowd like little angels and make sure everyone is getting along.”

Others distributed food and water from beneath a tent to attendees. Greeters struck a welcoming tone for the Ferguson October event, artists screen-printed T-shirts and children chalked a sidewalk in color. Socialist groups distributed their alternative news publications and all around small groups debated passionately about oppression and violence.

Volunteer Vetta Thompson, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis who does some social work and tried to meet the needs of the largely African American residents, watched over the crowds that at the edge of Kiener Plaza feet away from bike police stood by casually.

We will keep you updated with more details on Ferguson’s “Weekend Of Resistance.”

SOURCE: RT, Thing Progress, Washington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: @KoranAddo, Twitter

A Week Of Protest For Michael Brown: Ferguson, Missouri In Pictures (PHOTOS)
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