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Thousands of protestors have been rallying and committing acts of civil disobedience during Ferguson October’s “Weekend of Resistance.” The protests, organized in an effort to continue shedding light on police brutality after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was killed in August, led to multiple arrests, over a dozen on “Moral Monday” alone.

Hundreds of protesters marched upon the Ferguson Police Department this morning, led by many members of the clergy and Cornel West, for Moral Monday, an event that has actually been ongoing in North Carolina for over a year.  Before the march this morning, the leaders said they were willing to get arrested, and that is exactly what happened to many of them, including West, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Pastor Michael McBride of PICO, and many others.

Speaking at St. Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena earlier on in the day, the exact reason for West’s arrest is a bit unclear.

NBCNews reports:

Cornel West, a prominent activist, was knocked over during a scuffle at the Ferguson Police Department and was later arrested. West was among the first to be led away, followed by other protesters.

While CNN says that the New York Union Theological Seminary professor and famed author tried to push through a police line:

Sgt. Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department, said 19 people, including West, were arrested.

Schellman said West and 12 other people were detained at the Ferguson Police Department protest site for disturbing the peace. The protesters tried to push through a police line, he said.

A half-dozen people were arrested at another site for blocking traffic and refusing to clear the street.

As we previously reported, prior to today 17 peaceful protestors were also arrested after they refused to vacate the area surrounding a wrecked QuikTrip gas station on Sunday morning. We will keep you updated with the latest in Ferguson.

Below are some of the most memorable photos taken during Ferguson October thus far.


The Most Important Pictures From Ferguson October Protests For ‘Weekend Of Resistance’
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