Happy Women's History Month! We spotlight actress, singer, author and activist Sheryl Lee Ralph for her continuous work in entertainment and her community at large. Discover more about her journey in the industry and beyond inside.

The first Black woman to host her own TV program was a Julliard-trained pianist. Her name was Hazel Scott. To celebrate her legacy and her 101st birthday, join the March On Washington Film Festival this month for a special screening of A Celebration of Hazel Scott: Activism through Music and Art.

Angelica Ross is set to appear in American Horror Story: Double Feature. Though Ross did not return on FX's Pose as Candy, the actress and activist is still booked and busy with her next few roles within the Ryan Murphy television family. 

Keith Haring made a huge impact within the art scene and his popularized chalk and colorful stick images are still visible across the world. Aside from his huge impact on the arts community, the artist made serious movements as a social and political activist. Learn a few interesting facts about the artist.

Thousands of protestors have been rallying and committing acts of civil disobedience during Ferguson October’s “Weekend of Resistance.” The protests, organized in an effort to continue shedding light on police brutality after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was killed in August, led to multiple arrests, over a dozen on “Moral Monday” alone. Hundreds of protesters marched […]

If you thought Kanye went off when he told Sway he ain’t have the answers, brace yourself for this intense interview between Talib Kweli and Don Lemon. First of all, Lemon started out by introducing Talib in a very comical manner, shortening the titles “rapper” and “activist” by calling him a “raptivist” instead. He then […]


“We the jury find Angela Y. Davis not guilty.” With those nine words, activist Angela Davis found herself acquitted on all three counts of murder, kidnapping, and criminal conspiracy — charges she was falsely accused of in 1972. This week marks the 42nd anniversary of Davis’ acquittal. Since those tense 16 months she spent behind […]

The violence has got to stop. A prominent community activist by the name of Leonore Draper was shot and killed on Friday night in a drive-by shooting that is believed to have been random. Known for her anti-violence work and very well-respected in Chicago, 32-year-old Draper was on her way home after an fundraising event […]