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Angelica Ross attends Essence Black Women In Hollywood

Source: Nigel Degraff / Nigel Degraff

Angelica Ross is set to appear in American Horror Story: Double Feature. Though Ross did not return on FX’s Pose as Candy, the actress and activist is still booked and busy with her next few roles within the Ryan Murphy television family.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Angelica Ross will join Season 10 of Murphy’s horror anthology series which will be split up into two stories. Ross will be featured in the first story, which consists of the season’s first six episodes.

Ross tells Entertainment Weekly why this is her favorite role next to playing Candy from the FX drama series Pose, “Ryan Murphy requested that I wear my natural hair.”

“That’s why I feel the most beautiful in this role. They are doing things with my natural hair that just really affirms me as a Black woman and I think is going to affirm other Black women who watch the show that see other characters who don’t wear wigs and who wear natural hair textures — and short hair at that. I think it’s going to be beautiful, and I can’t wait for the audience to see it.”

Film and television’s reflection of Black hair has not always been gracious. It is moving to see that Ross and her hair are being embraced onscreen and on a popular show like the American Horror Story anthology series.

The actress filmed both American Horror Story, which was shot mostly in Los Angeles and her Pose season 3 return, filmed in New York, at the same time. The stunning and ageless actress spent her 40th birthday and Thanksgiving quarantined in a hotel room. Despite the sacrifice for a celebratory birthday and time with family, Ross shares with Entertainment Weekly that the sacrifice was worth the work. She believes season 10 will be “legendary.”

A premiere date for Double Feature has not been announced but Ross says, “I think it premieres next month, but I don’t know.”

She continues with her excitement to get back to work, “Once I started reading the script for the first six episodes, which are the first half of the [Double] Feature… This is my favorite role next to Candy. I will say Candy will probably always forever stay No. 1 until further notice, but my look in this show is definitely my favorite of all looks. I’m just super excited for the fans to see who this next character is, because I think that it’s going to be legendary. I gagged at how the story arc ends.”

American Horror Story is one of many projects Ross will be working on with Murphy. The actress confirms that Murphy is keeping her, “very busy on some other things that are coming up,” which she couldn’t disclose.

“I am going to be busy all year,” she hints. “I ended up biting the bullet and getting an apartment out here [in Los Angeles] because I’m going to be out here so long.”

Congrats to Angelica Ross in her latest role and the many projects to come! We will update with more news