Actress Angelica Ross exposed “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy’s scrapped plan for a Black women-lead season. Read inside.

Kim Kardashian will star opposite "American Horror Story" alum Emma Roberts in upcoming season "Delicate." Read more details inside.

Angela Bassett secured the bag after a lengthy round of negotiations for Fox's flagship drama 9-1-1. A major win for Angela Bassett making history as the highest paid Black actress in television broadcast history. Here's a gallery of Angela Bassett's gorgeous and wealthy photos to celebrate this major moment. 

Angelica Ross is set to appear in American Horror Story: Double Feature. Though Ross did not return on FX's Pose as Candy, the actress and activist is still booked and busy with her next few roles within the Ryan Murphy television family. 

Ryan Murphy is back at it again ladies and gentlemen! Netflix just launched the official trailer for "The Prom" on Thanksgiving... and the talent is off the charts.

Soon, they’ll no longer call The White House home, but President Obama and family plan to reside in Washington D.C. post-presidency. The news came straight from the POTUS himself during a lunch date he had in Milwaukee, revealing this is the best move until Sasha finishes her high school career. [USA Today] ABC’s beloved shows Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, […]

An undervalued show isn’t the same as underrated one. Over three hundred shows try to make it to the small screen, but only a select few are chosen. An even smaller selection get picked up for multiple seasons. These shows might have gotten a couple of seasons, but as a whole, they were undervalued by […]

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Despite some obvious stereotypical jokes at the expense of her Black character, actress Keke Palmer says she's not taking it personally.

Looks like we’ll be seeing even more of Nick Jonas than we expected. No, it’s not another underwear shoot, but the “Jealous” singer did snag himself a role in Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming show Scream Queens. According to JustJared, the 22-year-old, who has been on his grown and sexy ish lately, joins the show as a recurring actor. Though […]

Rev Run and his family are doing a Christmas special for their show Eat, Pray & Love, which will air on the Cooking Channel. In a new video to promote the special, Rev Run, along with wife Justine Simmons, prepares a family meal and engages in some seriously adorable banter over cheese. The special, which airs on […]

Good news for all the Glee fans out there, though the beloved high school comedy-drama is coming to an end, creator Ryan Murphy already has another show in the works. The writer/director teamed up once again with FOX and co-creators Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan to make an entirely new series. The new show, titled Scream Queens, is set on […]