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An undervalued show isn’t the same as underrated one. Over three hundred shows try to make it to the small screen, but only a select few are chosen. An even smaller selection get picked up for multiple seasons. These shows might have gotten a couple of seasons, but as a whole, they were undervalued by the public, and they shouldn’t have been! Here’s 11 titles you need to take the time to binge-watch … right now. 

Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23

Network: ABC

Number of seasons: 2

Show premise: Wide-eyed and green June heads to the Big Apple with hopes of working at a top finance company, but her dreams are shattered when the new job she scored goes up in flames – Enron-style. She moves in with Chloe, the roommate from a very stylish hell, and we see how they begin to rub off on one another. Also, Dawson’s Creek‘s James Van Der Beek hilariously stars as himself.


Network: WB

Number of seasons: 2

Show premise: A popular cheerleader and an unpopular Lois Lane-in-training become future stepsisters, and their parents have decided to blend their family a bit early. We see what happens when two totally different cliques converge. It gave an accurate, comedic portrayal of high school way before Mean Girls. And this was also the first show from Ryan Murphy (of Glee and American Horror Story fame), so you can see where the maniacal mind got his start.

Six Feet Under

Network: HBO

Number of seasons: 5

Show premise: Six Feet Under is a dark comedy about a family funeral business in Los Angeles, and we find that the family who operates have stories just as dark as the people on the funeral operating table. Actor Michael C. Hall got his start on the amazing SFU before securing his spot in Hollywood as the deadly Dexter

Party Down

Network: Starz

Number of seasons: 2

Show premise: In this Paul Rudd comedy, a handful of actors work for a catering company in between auditions and gigs. Each episode centers around an event and hijinks, a la Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Network: UPN

Number of seasons: 8

Show premise: Similar to Sex and the City, Girlfriends was centered around four Black professional(ish) women who dealt with dating and life in their own unique ways. This was certainly where we fell in love with Tracee Ellis Ross


Network: NBC

Number of seasons: 5

Show premise: Chuck is just a regular computer programmer who gets an email from an old college buddy that works for the CIA. That email changes Chuck’s life forever. It holds the government’s most coveted spy secrets, which get embedded into Chuck’s brain. Now, Chuck must work with the CIA to catch bad guys with the information.

Drop Dead Diva

Network: Lifetime

Number of seasons: 6

Show premise: Deb is a beautiful aspiring model who gets killed in a car crash on her way to a Price is Right audition. Oh, and she’s kind of a mean girl. On her way to heaven, a gatekeeper reviews Deb’s life progress report and deems her shallow and a “zero-zero” for not completing any good (or bad) deeds while alive. Before he tells her whether she’s going to heaven or hell, she hits heaven’s “return” button and gets sent back to earth – in the body of a plus-sized lawyer.


Network: HBO

Number of seasons: 2

Show premise: This dramedy follows Amy, a Devil Wears Prada-ish type exec who has a mental breakdown at work, so she goes off to get her namaste on at a holistic rehab. When she gets out, she’s a champion for the Universe, and finds herself back at her old job, but she’s been demoted and designated to the basement of the building. Despite these changes, Amy is determined to make the most out of her life in between its messes.

Happy Endings

Network: ABC

Number of seasons: 3

Show premise: This was like Friends meets Saved by the Bell with ADHD. It centers around six people who have been friends forever (two in the group are married, two have dated and broken up), and all the situations they get themselves into. Like the slacker character buying an old-school limousine and charging strangers for rides.

Pushing Daisies

Network: ABC

Number of seasons: 2

Show premise: This show follows Ned, a pie baker who has the unreal ability to bring back the dead with a single touch. But if he touches them again, it’s back to the afterlife they go. So he can never have a full relationship – despite being in love with Charlotte – because his touch can kill.  

The New Normal

Network: NBC

Number of seasons: 1

Show premise: In the other Ryan Murphy show on the list, The New Normal revolves around a gay couple who want to adopt, so they get a surrogate and find that family is really what you make of it. The program also showcases NeNe Leakes‘ acting chops and how far she’s come from being an Atlanta housewife. 


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