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Absolutely no one saw that incredible plot twist coming; head inside for viewers’ reactions.

The French mystery series is breaking Netflix records previously held by 'The Queen's Gambit' and 'Bridgerton.'

Spring typically conjures thoughts of fresh flowers, new possibilities and picnics in the park. However, for those of us who are addicted to great TV, the change in season simply means we’re on the prowl for new shows to devour. That’s exactly why we compiled a list of the best programs available now, or coming […]

Here's a list of films and shows you can cozy up on the couch with on Netflix this November, and everything you've got to catch before it's gone for good.

An undervalued show isn’t the same as underrated one. Over three hundred shows try to make it to the small screen, but only a select few are chosen. An even smaller selection get picked up for multiple seasons. These shows might have gotten a couple of seasons, but as a whole, they were undervalued by […]