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Looks like we’ll be seeing even more of Nick Jonas than we expected.

No, it’s not another underwear shoot, but the “Jealous” singer did snag himself a role in Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming show Scream Queens. According to JustJared, the 22-year-old, who has been on his grown and sexy ish lately, joins the show as a recurring actor.

Though we don’t know much about the premise, it’s said to be set at a college campus riddled with a series of murders.

Ava DuVernay will not be held back.

After mildly addressing the Oscar snub heard around the nation, the female director is getting right along and moving on to her next project.

Ava is once again teaming up with actor David Oyelowo to create a drama about Hurricane Katrina for Participant Media. According to Us Weekly, exec Jonathan King seemed thrilled to be pairing with the dynamic Selma duo, stating:

“Hurricane Katrina is one of the most important social and environmental stories of our time. Ava DuVernay has shown herself to be highly skilled at bringing intimacy and contemporary urgency to epic events. We have been looking for the right way to get back in business with Ava, and with David Oyelowo, and are proud to re-team with them on her original idea, which we believe will be a powerful film.”


The trailer for the much anticipated Fantastic Four is finally here. The clip  features a barefaced Michael B. Jordan  as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, a nerdy Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, a stern Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/ The Thing and a very shocked Kate Mara, as the Sue Storm/Invisible Woman.

The film, which caused a bit of a stir last year when Michael was cast as Johnny Storm, will be in theaters this summer.

Watch the trailer above.

Good news Rush Hour fans, though you may not be getting another film in the franchise, the hit movie will be adapted for the small screen.

The TV version will have all of the action we loved in the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

From Cougar Town‘s Bill Lawrence, the TV remake is in similar tone to the New Line Cinema films and follows a by-the-book Hong Kong police officer who is assigned to a case in L.A., where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer who has no interest in a partner. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker originated the roles in the three-film series. Casting is currently under way.

Marshawn Lynch answers some very serious questions in his new Skittles commercial. The NFL player addresses all the important stuff, such as hanging out with a talking rainbow, watching cat videos, playing football on the moon, what’s up with T.Rexes, and all the other burdens that plague us in our daily lives.

Watch the funny commercial above.

SOURCE: Just Jared, Us Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Wenn