Everyone can pretty much agree that Marshawn Lynch is entertaining both on and off the court. The Oakland Raiders running back has his very own online show entitled, “No Script” — and ironically enough, he sticks to the script of no script. In a recent episode of the show, Lynch tries to battle a professional […]

Ms. Delisa went so hard, Marshawn doesn't even have to respond.

Marshawn Lynch has been sitting for a while but President Trump just noticed.

He teaches his co-executive producer at Bleacher Report how to go #Beastmode on unsuspecting customers.

Jermichael Finley didn’t hold his tongue when he slammed Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick for protesting the National Anthem — but it looks like he’s met his match. On Wednesday, the former NFL star’s ex-wife, Courtney Finley, took to Twitter to dispute his comments about the brave football players, and she didn’t hold back at […]

Jermichael Finley may not be a name you hear too often, but he had time to speak out against Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett‘s decision to not stand for the National Anthem at games. The former NFL star says Lynch and Bennett don’t even care about social justice and their using Colin Kaepernick‘s protest tactic […]

If you’re looking to get an autograph or video of Marshawn Lynch, you might have to make sure your phone is tightly secured in a case with a shield for your screen. Lynch is not scared to smack a phone out of someone’s hand, according to a video uploaded by TMZ. Lynch, a former running back for the […]

That act of kindness had a positive impact on the McDonald's employee.

What exactly gets Marshawn Lynch to transform into Beast Mode? It might just be a drink from Starbucks.

Reports that Seattle Seahawks teammates Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were involved in a drag racing incident turned out to be false.