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Marshawn Lynch

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If you’re looking to get an autograph or video of Marshawn Lynch, you might have to make sure your phone is tightly secured in a case with a shield for your screen. Lynch is not scared to smack a phone out of someone’s hand, according to a video uploaded by TMZ.

Lynch, a former running back for the Seattle Seahawks, was at LAX on Monday when a fan was asking for an autograph. Lynch was clearly not in the mood. He made this clear by knocking the fan’s phone out their hand. Just in case the admirer didn’t receive that message, Lynch finished by hurling a wad of spit in their direction, luckily not hitting them. You can see the video for yourself below.

There’s no word if anything was said to Lynch before the recording to warrant such behavior. But according to the two teens who could be heard in the video footage, they learned that Lynch was on the incoming plane when they were informed by a friend on the same flight. After their incident with Lynch, the phone knocked out the hand was now cracked. The owner told TMZ that he hasn’t made a decision on whether to file a police report or not.