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A teenager has been arrested after he and his Ball State University football friends left a waitress a poop-covered tip at an Indiana restaurant.

The three football players — Darius Conway, Kennan Noel, and Nicholas Issacs  along with a 17-year-old minor, were causing trouble at a bar and grill restaurant. After the waitress dropped the bill off at their table, the 17-year-old went into the bathroom and apparently wiped his butt with the tip money.

From the Ball State Daily:

The suspect, a 17 year old, left their table, which was also occupied by the three Ball State football players, and went into the bathroom after their waitress gave him his bill, according to the police report. After returning to the table he put the money into the black folder, according to police who sourced a security video of the event.

The group’s waitress told police she saw the suspect laughing when she picked up the check and smelled a “foul odor.” She said two of the bills were covered in a brown substance that she later realized was fecal matter.

The suspect was still at Brothers Bar & Grill when police arrived at the scene and was taken to Delaware County Juvenile Probation Center and charged with battery with bodily waste. He was later released to the custody of his legal guardian. His name was not released because he is a minor.

The Ball State football staff has since been made aware of the incident.

“We.. find the alleged actions deplorable,” associate athletic director for media and alumni relations Joseph Hernandez said.” We are continuing to collect information on the matter and will refrain from further judgment until then.”

The restaurant has declined to comment.

SOURCE: Ball State Daily | PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot