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Murrieta, California mayor Alan Long has been arrested for driving under the influence after he struck a car and injured four teenage girls in the process. The mayor failed a sobriety exam on Thursday, but passed the breathalyzer test. Police are still waiting for the blood test results to determine whether or not it was a DUI. He was released on Friday on a $50,000 bail. [ABC News]

Stephen Collins is being let off the hook. Law enforcement officials report that the actor will not be prosecuted for molesting and exposing himself to his 3 victims. Officials say that the case won’t go anywhere because each case is more than a decade old. Although he won’t be arrested, he still has to go to court next month for his divorce trial. [TMZ]

Liberia’s president Ellen Johnson Sirlead has apologized to the mayor of Dallas, Texas and has taken responsibility for Ebola spreading from Africa in the United States. Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian citizen, was infected with the deadly disease Ebola when he flew into Texas in late September. He passed away shortly after infecting two nurses, who are currently being treated in another facility. [Daily News]

Two teen boys were sent home after dressing as female celebrities during Spirit Week at their high school. Apparently, the principal wasn’t too fond of Mason Mudge and Chandler Krueger’s impersonations of Nicki Minaj and Miss America. The 10th graders refused to change and instead had to go home. The next day, many classmates skipped American Pride Day and instead came dressed as the opposite sex in protest of what happened. [CNN]