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News that blood from Michael Brown Jr. was found on Darren Wilson’s police cruiser and gun may just be the first of many leaks to come from the shooting case.

In fact, Officer Wilson’s side of the story may have been leaked by government officials to “let people down slowly,” according to Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.

Fitch believes more information will be leaked out to the media by a government source. Fitch says this strategy has been used before, “Assuming that the article is correct my belief is that there will be future articles written as probably from the same federal source that will let out a little information each time as it gets closer to the actual announcement of the verdict or charges or no charges.”

Fitch believes the leaked information is an attempt to let some people down slowly, “It was an intentional release with someone familiar with the federal side of the investigation, in my opinion, for the sole purpose of preparing the community for what may be seen for many as bad news, that there’s not going to be any federal charges.”

Fitch added that the release of information is the second phase of attempting to calm people down if there are no federal charges brought against Wilson.

Fitch says the first phase was announcing the Justice department would review the Ferguson Police Department. Fitch described it as a consolation prize, “It’s basically, we can’t charge him criminally but we can oversee the Ferguson police department and investigate their patterns and practices and how they dealt with the community and then come forward with a series of a recommendation for changes.”

The grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict Wilson by mid-November. We’ll keep you updated with the latest from Ferguson.


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