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Fall seems to always bring feelings of deep nostalgia.

After Renee Zellweger was spotted out looking completely different at the ELLE Women In Hollywood red carpet earlier this week, a lot of people started reminiscing about the “old” Renee. We haven’t seen the actress in a while, but with classic films under her belt like Jerry McGuire and Bridget Jones’ Diary, it’s impossible to not miss that time period.

The ’90s and ’00s were arguably the best decades ever.

Britney Spears showed us what a pop star really was, Sarah Jessica Parker made us all want to live in New York City, and you couldn’t go to the movie theaters without seeing a Julia Roberts film.

So since today is Thursday, our Throwback goes out to all of the incredible ladies of the ’90s-’00s that we love. Check out our gallery below.


14 Women From The ’90s-’00s We Still Love (PHOTOS)
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