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Beyond The Lights hits theaters on November 14th, but while you wait for its release, we got a sneak peek from the star of the movie herself: Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Gugu plays musician Noni, a rising pop star struggling with the demands of show business, who falls in love with a police officer. She sat down with our very own BlogXilla for a complete break down of her role and what you can expect to see when you watch the film.

Gugu talks about her many different wardrobe changes, saying:

“I literally had 30 costume changes in this film.” She goes on to admit, “To be honest with you, the corsets in Belle were really the warm up act for some of the outfits with this movie. They were challenging, from the outfits with the chains, to the hot pants, to a lot of outfits that were held together with a lot of tape and sheer perseverance. It was a real challenge.”

Gugu also gives us some insight into the mind of her character:

“She puts on this big facade; this very sexual persona that she has in the industry. Which is fine, but it’s really suffocating her.”

Check out the full interview above, and be sure to go see Beyond The Lights this holiday season.