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Two brothers who recently immigrated to the U.S. from Senegal were attacked and called “Ebola” by a group of students in the Bronx, NYC.

The boys, who have been in the U.S. for about a month, were attacked Friday afternoon at the I.S. 318 school in Tremont, sustaining severe injuries, according to the African Advocacy Council. One is in sixth grade, the other in eighth. The group says the attack was spurred by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, although Senegal has been declared Ebola-free.

The boys emigrated to the United Stated about a month ago, the father of the boys, Ousmane Drame, told NY1. He said he rushed to their school when he learned of the beating.

“They call me from the school tell me come, they’re beating your children… He was crying, laying on the floor, more than 10 children on top of him, beating him,” Drame told the station.

The attacks occurred the day after a doctor who contracted Ebola was admitted to a New York hospital.

The school has taken disciplinary action.

SOURCE: NBC, Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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