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Despite being locked up, Gucci Mane is spiritually and mentally free. In a letter obtained by MTV News, Gucci Mane discusses his future career goals, sobriety, and how he’s been coping in prison. In the letter, he writes:

“My idea is to take my career to the next level. I am planning to take my music to a higher level and use the attention and influence to sell movies, books, clothing and be a living testimony to all people showing that you can start from humble beginnings and transcend to something greater.

It feels great to see my plan take root and begin to blossom even though I’m physically incarcerated but spiritually and mentally I’m free as ever. I enjoy working out molding my body and I look forward to changing my diet for the better because I realize to get to the status I crave I must make a life-change which is permanent not a quick-fix.

I can see myself now at the top of my game, me and my beautiful lady walking the red carpet at the best parties and getting flooded with accolades at the award shows and setting trends that will be copied around the world. This is not a dream though this is a plan that I will affect directly. I know that by me stayin sober, praying and fasting and stepping up to the plate to the father, and man I am destined to be I will impact my family and the entire universe for the better.”

Gucci Mane was sentenced to 39-months in jail for a federal gun charge earlier this year. Due to previous time served, Gucci will only have to spend 28-months in prison. [MTV]

On the heels of his collaboration with longtime friend Chief Keef, producer Young Chop drops his new cut featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Cap 1 titled “Ain’t F*ckin’ With Her.” Listen to it over at MissInfo.

Imagine Dragons burst onto the scene in 2012, but gained a new fan base when Kendrick Lamar performed with them at this year’s Grammy Awards. They have a new song, it’s called “Bet My Life.” It’s cool. You should listen to it over at HypeTrak.


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