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Yesterday, it was announced that Juvenile was signing with Cash Money Records. It’s ironic, considering that there would be no Cash Money in the first place without Juvenile.

Juvie brought the New Orleans-based Cash Money label to mainstream respectability when he dropped his masterpiece single “Ha” in 1998. (This was before Lil Wayne‘s reign, of course.) With Cash Money, Juvie would drop five good-to-classic albums, before leaving the label under strained terms in 2003.

It will be interesting to see what Birdman and Cash Money do with the rapper, who hasn’t had a hit in more than five years.

Over the last couple of years though, Cash Money has had a nasty habit of just collecting talent and never doing anything substantial with it. The list is pretty long: Busta Rhymes, Lil Mo, TQ, and Cory Gunz. (And we can’t forget the supremely talented Paris Hilton.)

In fact, just click through the gallery below to see the 12 artists you forgot were signed to Cash Money Records.


12 Artists You Forgot Were Signed To Cash Money Records (PHOTOS)
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