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T-Pain snatched wigs and knocked off socks when a video of him performing without Auto-Tune hit the ‘net today.

Who knew T-Pain could actually sing?

We sure didn’t. But damn it, these celebs are full of surprises nowadays.

Although T-Pain typically records all of his songs using Auto-Tune, he does have a little less than a dozen records where there’s no noticeable voice synthesizer. We dug through four album’s worth of music, but it was worth it.

In Mr. Teddy Penderazdoun’s early recordings, he created classic ballads like “Suicide” and R&B bedroom bangers like “My Place,” which is vastly different from club hits “Buy U A Drank” or “Up Down.” 

The rappa ternt sanga can actually sang, so listen to T-Pain’s short and sweet Auto-Tuneless playlist below.


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