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The Kardashian krew wasn’t always so glamorous and camera-ready, according to Kris Jenner herself, who recently sat down with Dr. Oz and opened up about her only son’s weight gain, all the plastic surgery she’s undergone over the years, and more.

Obviously Rob has had a tough time with being in the spotlight lately – so much so, he didn’t even attend Kim and Kanye West’s lavish Italian nuptials – and according to his famed momager Kris, it’s a tough situation because “everybody’s a critic” and you “get a lot of criticism when you’re in the public eye constantly, whether you want it or not.”

Kris goes on to reveal that her kids pretty much all went through a “chubby” stage, had braces, and were “awkward.” She also talks about her own body image, discussing her unhappiness with how she looked after having her first four kids.

Below are a few excerpts. Also check out the rest of the interview right here, in which the Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch admits she thinks she and Bruce Jenner just “grew apart in many ways.”

On How She Deals With The Public Talking About Her Kids’ Bodies:

“Listen, everybody’s a critic and I think that putting the girls and Rob now on magazines definitely sells them, but I taught the kids a long time ago that it really starts with when they were younger and how I’ve really tried to raise strong daughters and give them a sense of self-esteem, really good self-esteem.”

On Her Kids Being “Chubby:”

“They grew up, and when they went through puberty, they were just like any other kid where it was that real chubby stage. Everybody went through it. They had braces. They were awkward. Rob was chubby. And that’s when the kids need you the most.. That’s when I think instilled a lot of stuff about how to feel good about yourself.

“And we’re a close family, we’re always encouraging one another. Because you do get a lot of criticism when you’re in the public eye constantly, whether you want it or not. So I think just to be a real supportive parent and tell them how much they’re loved and how beautiful they are on the inside.”

On Her Multiple Plastic Surgeries:

“Gravity just took over,” she responded. “I had these four beautiful kids. From the waist up, it was not pretty. I had a boob job… and it made me feel like a million bucks.”

About four or five years ago, I decided to do a little situation there,” she explained, motioning to her neck. “It kind of scared me. I have a lot of responsibilities.”

SOURCE: US Weekly, Gossip Cop

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