Cue the cheesy witch costumes, the adorable pet costumes, and naturally, the uncalled for kid costumes, because Halloween is finally upon us. But, like everything else, this special holiday is not for everyone. With all the horrific incidents mostly associated with Halloween, we can understand why you want to stay home.

So whether you made plans or not, we compiled a list of some of the most harrowing movies you can sit through while you cozy up in your snuggie tonight.


Starring former power couple Jennifer Lopez  and Ben Affleck, this movie was sure to be a blockbuster, but with low box office numbers, it proved that two beautiful people don’t always make a good film. Truly scary.


This will go down in history as one of the few things Mariah Carey did not win at.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Starring then-couple (is there a theme here, or nah?) Nick Cannon and Christina Milianthis trailer explains it all…

The Wedding Planner

Oh, J.Lo, but why? (Actually, this is kind of a great movie.)

A Walk To Remember

There is a sick, nerdy girl played by Mandy Moore, a too-cool-for-school popular guy played by Shane West. They’re from two separate worlds until they cross paths, and this chick flick unfolds right before your eyes.


No matter what critics have to say about this movie, once you start watching, you will be hooked.

The Lake House

With America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock and the ever-so-mysterious Keanu Reeves stuck in parallel universes, they meet at a mail box and entice all of our feels.

The Lucky One

Zac Efron takes his shirt off and other stuff happens too.

Blue Valentine

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling also takes his shirt off, broods, and you’ll definitely cry.

Drumline: A New Beat

Begs the question: can girls drum too? Yes, girls can be on a marching band and slay.

SOURCE: Youtube

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