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The family of Frank Panebianco is in mourning after he was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend on Sunday in Long Island, NY.

Panebianco, 28, was out with his girlfriend Jessica Kasten, 28, at a Port Jefferson Station restaurant, when they were confronted by Kasten’s ex, Michael Skiadas.

Police say the couple and Skiadas got into a “screaming match,” and Skiadas went to his Jeep and grabbed a shotgun. One of Panebianco and Kasten’s friends came into the parking lot to try to calm Skiadas down, and the couple tried to leave in their car, authorities said.

At that point, police say Skiadas hit the friend in the head with the gun, ran to the car and fired two blasts, fatally hitting Panebianco. Skiadas then returned to his own vehicle and took his own life, police said.

Police are investigating the shooting and have obtained surveillance cameras from the restaurant. Kasten wasn’t harmed in the shooting, and the friend who intervened is currently recovering from a head injury.

SOURCE: NBC Washington | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.