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Listen, we love ABC’s new hilarious sitcom Black-ish.

We love Anthony Anderson’s bumbling dad character. We love that one precocious twin played by Marsai Martin who is somehow the voice of reason in the Johnson family. We love Tracee Ellis Ross because we love Tracee Ellis Ross (always and forever).

So we were a little bummed when we turned to ABC and Black-ish wasn’t in its 9:30 EST spot. That was OK, though. There were lots of sexy men who played acoustic guitars on the television because the Country Music Awards were on. And all was right again.

Until Brad Paisley, who hosted the CMAs with Carrie Underwood, delivered what was supposed to be a plug for the show. It ended up a comedic fail that was, among many things, just not funny.

“If any of you tuned in to ABC tonight expecting to see the new show Black-ish—yeah, this ain’t it. In the mean time, I hope you’re all enjoying…white-ish.”

Stupid joke? Definitely? Racist? Probably not. Not if we’re looking at the demographic of viewers for the CMAs. But the racial element of Paisley’s funny no doubt delivered the awkwardness that comes with discussing race (or white people joking about race).

On the other side?

And to those we say two things: yes, this could easily be racist. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not. But the word black isn’t a bad word. You can say it. You can say Black-ish. And people who feel uncomfortable with the title of the show or identifier “black,” well, maybe the issue is you.

Paisley is still a bad comedian, however. And no shade, he should just stick to country music. Far away from the race jokes. Thanks.

Watch the video here.