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It’s music to our ears: After she and her Navy fought long and hard, Rihanna is back on Instagram. But why exactly is that news?

RiRi’s IG has just one level to it – badass – and as far as all the badassery goes, there’s no one who’s phucking with her. If you want smoke rings, titties, ass, and all the provocative behavior you can stomach, mixed in with the lavish lifestyle of one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Rihanna’s IG is where you get your fix.

Not to mention, the woman is gorgeous, gives not one phuck, and was the center of one of the messiest love triangles of our generation – all of which played out all over her social media accounts.

So, the #badgalback, and nothing is more important than that. Needless to say, since she made her return, she’s been heating up the ‘Gram in true RiRi fashion – she even got Amber Rose all hot and bothered.

To officially celebrate the queen’s return, we gathered some of her most provocative, unapologetic poses in the gallery below.


BadGalRiRi: 26 Times Rihanna Posed Provocatively (PHOTOS)
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