Just over four minutes, each scene is perfectly crafted (she even clones herself in one), every look is beyond sexy, and of course the choreography is nothing short of stellar — not to mention, the actual song is a bop.

Emily Miller starred on season 2 of the hit reality show; head inside for some of her sexiest social media moments.

There's no denying Tommie Lee has made a name for herself in reality television; head inside.

Adriana celebrates her 37th birthday today and she's as sexy as ever.

It’s almost that time of year again; Earth Day is right around the corner. But unbeknownst to you, this Earth day will be unlike any other Earth Day we’ve ever encountered. This Earth Day will involve a ton of free porn, that is, if you’re up to the challenge. According to Mashable, “RedTube hopes to […]

For the first time since the #MeToo movement took over the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby is officially back in court. You’d think things would be a little more tame since we’ve seen the Cos’ in court before — but ish got real. As Bill arrived at the Pennsylvania courthouse, he was greeted by lots of […]

https://twitter.com/rmlundyjr/status/975065477117612033 A good samaritan posted these half-naked pics of This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown. Apparently, no one realized he has the body of the god… https://twitter.com/Freexone_/status/975366138153656321 https://twitter.com/_DamnGina_/status/975088954788761601 Good Sunday, amirite?