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Every time Normani drops, we are in awe of her beauty, talent, and dedication.

This week, the star teased a new music video with Cardi B. Titled “Wild Side,” Cardi said fans would see a different side to Normani and warned we should grab our “lotions.” Hilarious, as always. Soooo proud of you @normani!!! Deadass wanna cry for you!! WILD SIDE ON ALL PLATFORMS!,” the rapper wrote in another post, just as the video hit the internet. 

Belcalis wasn’t kidding — Normani held no punches in her latest offering, which by the way, samples Aaliyah’s hit song “One In A Million.”

Just over four minutes, each scene is perfectly crafted (she even clones herself in one), every look is beyond sexy, and of course the choreography is nothing short of stellar — not to mention, the actual song is a bop. Normani did not come to play!

In her scene with Cardi B, she and the rapper hold onto one another and show off the goods in nothing but nude lingerie and inches. As always, Cardi’s verse is a memorable one. She raps, in part:

“Dímelo, turn me ’round

Treat me like a watch, bust me down

On the kitchen floor, right on that towel

It’s my d*ck and I want it now, ow

Tell me how you want it

Put me on my back or my stomach

Baby, let me blow it like a trumpet

I can do it all, I can prolly suck a watermelon through a straw”

Watch the viral video below, plus more reactions from fans:

These women are true superstars.