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Bill Cosby Preliminary Hearing

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

For the first time since the #MeToo movement took over the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby is officially back in court.

You’d think things would be a little more tame since we’ve seen the Cos’ in court before — but ish got real. As Bill arrived at the Pennsylvania courthouse, he was greeted by lots of news cameras, screaming protesters and one woman’s fully exposed breast.

The topless protestor, whose real name is Nicolle Rochelle, jumped a barricade and ran toward Cosby, chanting “Hey hey hey, women’s lives matter.” She even had the names of Cosby’s accusers written in black ink on her torso.

Surprisingly, Rochelle actually had a brief history with Cosby before crashing his court appearance with the top off. She appeared in four episodes of The Cosby Show in the 1990s when she was just 12 years old. However, she said she never had any bad experiences with Cosby while on the show.

The 80-year old comedian laughed as police tackled Rochelle into a bush, handcuffed her, and walked her into the courthouse. The brave actress was charged with disorderly conduct and if convicted, she will be required to pay a fine. At least she got her point across.

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