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Detroit has again been given the deplorable title of the most dangerous city in America by the FBI.

The list was compiled with recent data released by the FBI for cities with a population over 100,000. In 2013, the city had a decreased crime rate of 2.5 percent, but its murder and violent crime rates like carjacking and rape weren’t low enough to make a difference.

Oakland kept its number two spot, while Memphis moved from four to three. St. Louis moved to number four. One of St. Louis’ biggest towns, Ferguson, was put on the map after the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August.

Detroit’s Police Commission Chairman Willie Bell spoke about his city’s status and says there’s plenty of work to be done to better the well-being of residents.

The release of data follows Detroit’s emergence from bankruptcy Friday, and it underscores how much work remains to rebuild population and faith in the city, said Detroit Police Commission Chairman Willie Bell.

“Detroit definitely has a long way to go,” he said. “People will not move into the city unless you can address this. There are realities we can’t ignore. People are worried about getting car-jacked while getting gas. People are getting robbed in their own driveways. Churches are hiring security guards because they are afraid. There is no sacred areas anymore.”

Last year there were 316 murders in the city, with 2,000 crimes committed per 100,000 people. The FBI also reported that little-to-no education and poverty are huge factors behind the statistics.

Some of Detroit’s safest areas have launched programs in hopes of catching on to make the city a better place to live.

Sterling Heights Police Chief Mike Reese issued a statement saying his force “must continue to be vigilant and pro-active in its crime suppression efforts to keep Sterling Heights one of the safest large cities in the United States.”

Law enforcement in Detroit, including Craig, have launched several programs to cut crime and, over the next 10 years, the city plans to invest $1.7 billion to increase public safety, reduce blight and make other improvements citywide.

Check out the nine other cities rounding out the Top 10 most dangerous below.

10. Birmingham, Alabama 

9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8. Rockford, Illinois

7. Baltimore, Maryland

6. Little Rock, Arkansas

5. Cleveland, Ohio

4. St. Louis, Missouri

3. Memphis, Tennessee

2. Oakland, California 

SOURCE: The Detroit News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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