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As we all know, Mama June‘s life is pretty messy right now.

The mom to former TLC star Honey Boo Boo lost her family’s reality show and according to reports, was only paid a portion of what was owed to her from the network – all after she was spotted with the convicted child molester who spent ten years in jail after he molested June’s 8-year-old daughter Anna.

Yesterday, clips of Mama June’s Entertainment Tonight interview made its rounds, during which she explained her reasoning for meeting up with the sex offender, who is also an old boyfriend. Now, Mama June is doing more damage control on Dr. Phil’s talk show.

But there’s just one issue: is she lying?

Us Magazine reports that Dr. Phil grilled the mom:

“That’s Alana, and she’s [only a year older in this picture] than Anna was when [McDaniel molested her], and you [said] you took Pumpkin [to meet him so she could ask him] questions, but you also brought Alana there?” Dr. Phil questions June while holding a picture. Dr. Phil is referring to June’s most recent confession that she only took her daughters to see McDaniel because Pumpkin needed closure after believing McDaniel was her biological father.

“Because my kids don’t go anywhere without me 24 hours a day.”

She also claims that pictures taken of her in a hotel room with the man in question, Mark McDaniel, are Photoshopped:

In the no-holds-barred interview, June also denies having rekindled things with McDaniel and claims that he has a different girlfriend now. The mom of four also says one of the alleged photos of her with McDaniel was photoshopped.

And lastly, she says TLC is still taking care of her and the girls:

“I have nothing bad to say about TLC,” the former reality star reveals. “They have been good to me. They still are very good to me. You know the rumor is that I was not going get paid with the show, but I did get paid through whatever was owed to me through the show. My kids got paid in their trust funds. Sugar Bear got paid. Everybody got paid that was owed from the show. They’re still taking care of the girls today with tutoring. Which I’m very, very grateful for. They’re taking care of some other things for the girls, I’m very, very grateful for. And I’m grateful for the experience.”

Meanwhile, TMZ maintains that the hotel pictures are not doctored, and according to their sources:

“June lied on Dr. Phil’s show … she did NOT get payment in full because of her misconduct.”

To top it all off, Mama June reportedly owes thousands of dollars in child support for the daughter who was molested, as June’s mom was given guardianship following McDaniel’s conviction. Gawker reports:

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Mama June was required to pay $100 a month in child support under this guardianship arrangement, but apparently didn’t pay for years, owing $4,144.62 in child support by 2009. The Henry County District Attorney filed criminal contempt charges, and apparently Mama June faced jail time; the court dismissed the charges three months later.

June’s Dr. Phil interview airs Monday, but you can check out a sneak peek above.

SOURCE: Us Magazine, TMZ, Gawker | PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot 

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