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Oh, Kendall. We all want to be you.

The new face of Estee Lauder sat down with The New York Times to talk about her latest endeavors and being the modeling world’s “It Girl.” The 19-year-old confessed that she is trying to find a balance between being a reality star and her goals of being taken seriously as a high fashion model.

No-last-name Kendall admitted:

It’s definitely two different worlds. I feel like Hannah Montana. But it’s fun.

The global brand president of Estee Lauder vouched for Jenner’s talent and why the brand is excited to have her on board. Jane Hertzmark Hudis had this to say about the fashionista:

I think what’s so exciting about her is that she has this social media influence along with a fashion credibility in a distinct way that speaks to millennials. There is really no one else like her out there.

There really isn’t. You go, Kendall!

SOURCE: E! Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Estee Lauder

Kendall Jenner Is The New Face Of Estee Lauder
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