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Nothing says “I Love You” quite like crashing an interview–at least that’s the case for Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade.

On Sunday night, Gabby crashed her NBA husband’s post-game interview with Fox Sports following the Heat’s 86-79 victory over the Knicks. She told the Fox reporter:

“To come back with 27 points, we’re going to talk about the free throws later, but he did good for an old geezer.”

The couple, who got married in August, were all smiles during their on-camera chat. Wade grinned hard as his wife critiqued his performance, telling the reporter:

“I don’t do cameos in her movies. I don’t feel she should do cameos in mine. We gotta talk about that.”

Check out the hilarious video bomb above.

SOURCE: Washington Post |PHOTO CREDIT: Washington Post, Getty   

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