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Famed attorney Gloria Allred has ordered Bill Cosby to pay $100 million or settle the rape allegations against him in court.

Since the allegations came to light, Allred has been forced to tell women who’ve contacted her to report their abuse that they were too late to file a lawsuit due to the statute of limitations. But during a Wednesday press conference, Allred proposed two new solutions for the comedian.

Because the rape allegations are decades old, Cosby would have to agree to waive the statute of limitations, effectively allowing his accusers to sue him.

‘Today, I am here to propose two new solutions to this public dilemma and a way to determine if Bill Cosby is a saint of a sexual predator. It could be advantageous for Mr. Cosby to give up the statute of limitations because there is a huge cloud on his reputation and legacy,” Allred said on Wednesday.

Or, according to Allred, Cosby could put $100 million into a fund, wherein retired judges would decide the merits of the case and award compensation for anyone claiming to be a victim.

“We challenge Mr. Cosby to end this nightmare for both him and the alleged victims by accepting either of the options,” Allred said.

The news conference included three new victims who claimed they were sexually assaulted by the entertainer. Two of the women say they were drugged by Cosby in the 1980s. The other woman says Cosby grabbed her right breast at a restaurant in 1973.


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