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There’s nothing like a little hip-hop beef to keep the streets talking, but the latest one that’s making the internet buzz is a little, uh, different and quite frankly unexpected.

It all started when A$AP Ferg rapped the following lines on his latest single “Dope Walk:”

“I’m on my gangster lean like a dope fiend / My walk’s meaner than Cara Delevingne

For the next few days, the model-of-the-moment was quiet about the name-drop, but this afternoon, she finally broke her silence and took to Twitter to tell Ferg to bring. it. on.

The two engaged in a very heated exchange before settling the score, once and for all. Deciding enough was enough, Cara made the first move by uploading an Instagram video of her walking that wobbly-kneed walk before her rival responded with a video of his own.

While we’re having a hard time determining a winner, there’s no denying these two won the Internet today.

SOURCE: Instagram

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