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So this happened.

Lately, it seems that police everywhere are unable to arrest suspects without killing them, especially when said suspects are minorities. Well, all except Michigan police, who took down a man stabbing people on the Amtrak train this weekend.

On Friday night, 44-year-old Michael Williams allegedly attacked two men, one woman, and an employee at a station 100 miles east of Chicago, according to new reports, but instead of gunning him down, Michigan police used a taser to get Williams under control.

Daily Mail reports:

Within seconds, police stormed the train and spotted Wilson wielding a knife, it is said. But instead of firing at the suspect, they subdued him with a Taser, before handcuffing him and taking him to jail. The train’s conductor was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, while the other victims were treated for less serious injuries. They have now all been stabilized, according to reports. It comes just a day after Los Angeles police officers shot dead an apparently armed man near the city’s famous Hollywood and Highland intersection in front of dozens of shocked tourists.

Niles Police Chief, Jim Millin, describes the strategy used by police:

Speaking of the moment they arrived on the platform shortly after 7pm, Mr Millin said: ‘They saw commotion in the train car. They had to forcefully work their way through the crowd. ‘As soon as the first officer turned into the car, Mr Williams was less than 10 feet away and he had the knife in his hand. The officer used his Taser and was able to subdue him.’ ‘Certainly, there’s a possibility he could have kept on assaulting passengers and things could have been a lot worse’ if the officers had not acted in the way they did, he added.

Williams was charged with attempted murder on Saturday and is currently being held on $1 million bond.

There you have it people, it’s possible to arrest a violent suspect without killing him. Even when he’s black.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Maynard, StephanieJ Twitter, TDN

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