Changing the narrative about the emasculation of men with a gallery of Black celebrity men uplifting Black women inside. 

As Father's Day approaches this weekend, celebrate with a gallery of Black celebrity fathers and their sons inside.

The Destiny's Child icon was blown away by Summer's lyrics; head inside to see for yourself.

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The 6 God's lips are always pursed and ready to go.

Just after Missy Elliott tore sh*t down at the MTV VMA Awards, one of her very good friends and longtime collaborators, Timbaland, went viral. The famed producer hit Instagram with a photo of his weight loss thus far, flexing his muscles and urging fans to work on their health. “Work n progress,” he captioned the […]

After turning his own health around by way of yoga, Bell has been doing his best to get other Black men into the spiritual practice—and it's catching on.

My work friends had a lot to say on the topic.