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Drake has come a long way since we first met him as a young actor on Degrassi.

Now a megastar, the rapper/actor/singer/songwriter/businessman/executive producer is one of the biggest names in the world. That said, there’s no doubt he’s aware of his elite status, but Drizzy has managed to maintain a degree of humility — a characteristic we love about the 6 God.

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Over the summer, Drizzy was the talk of the internet after he was spotted out and about in Barbados, shirtless and tatted up (ICYMI, his new ink got him trolled). While there, he was also seen visiting Rihanna‘s childhood home. Drake has gone on record to say how much he loves Rih in the past, so we’re not at all surprised. From Loop News Barbados:

“Just before 6 pm, the megastar and his entourage pulled up on Rihanna Drive, formerly Westbury New Road, in three Range Rovers. When the ‘God’s Plan’ crooner emerged from the first Range, he caused a stir of excitement as residents flocked to get a glimpse of the ‘Controller’ singer. With mask fully in place, the star chatted and mingled with those who gathered. One resident described the star as “humble” as he indulged all those who requested pictures with him. During his visit, Drake even signed Rihanna’s fan book which is a special edition left with the community by the popstar for tourists and fans who come to visit her former home.” Click here to see some photos from the outing.

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Most recently, Drake tapped Justin Bieber to star in his “Popstar” video, appeared on Bryson Tiller‘s Anniversary album, and joined up-and-coming artist Yung Bleu on his his song “You’re Mine Still.” Decades in, Drizzy is running the game and we love to see it.

1. Looking like zaddy.

2. Coy papi.

3. Nakey nakey nakey.

4. Kiss it, kiss it better baby.

5. When he means business.

6. Off guards be the best.

7. Birthday kisses.

8. Kiss and tell?

9. Come here, bae.

10. Pursed and ready to go.

11. Crush-worthy.

12. Fine as ever.

13. Up close and handsome as ever.

14. We love you, Drizzy! Here’s to many more kiss-worthy moments.