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Saturday Night Live‘s most recent episode gave us Nicki Minaj impersonating Queen Bey and Kim Kardashian, veteran host James Franco, and a few hints regarding current events involving Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but left out a pretty poignant sketch on Ferguson because, time.

The “Morning Show” sketch above was released on Sunday to the internets, mocking the media’s transition from coverage of Ferguson to lighthearted features, like making frittatas with “Rise and Smile” anchors played by Kip (Kenan Thompson) and Jenny (Cecily Strong). The anchors juggle plenty of cringe-worthy moments like a traffic beat (by the hilarious Leslie Jones) and their special guest, a chef named “Darrel Wilson” (James Franco).

Perhaps NBC was trying to avoid controversy as the protests and outcry continue to pour out all over the country regarding the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and many more victims of police brutality. But fans seemed to enjoy the satire, as the clip quickly garnered over 300,000 views overnight.

Check out the unaired sketch above.

SOURCE: New York Observer | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube 

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