Issa Rae’s satirical true-crime podcast, “We Stay Looking” has a total of eight episodes available to stream. Many of the episodes discuss critical topics within the Black community, specifically episode three, which tackles the ongoing health crisis of Black maternal health disparities. Read more inside.

United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers that the federal government will likely run out of money by October 18 unless Congress raises the debt ceiling. We found 7 ways the country can make some money before it's all gone.

Netflix's latest mockumentary Death to 2020 is the comedic relief necessary after an utterly crappy year. Instead of reading yet another list of 2020's biggest fails, set your intentions for a more hopeful year in 2021 while watching this hilarious take on an eventful year. 

Years have passed and some people have just discovered one excerpt from Issa's book.

  Saturday Night Live‘s most recent episode gave us Nicki Minaj impersonating Queen Bey and Kim Kardashian, veteran host James Franco, and a few hints regarding current events involving Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but left out a pretty poignant sketch on Ferguson because, time. The “Morning Show” sketch above was released on Sunday to the internets, mocking […]