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Production still for "Death To 2020"

Source: SAEED ADYANI / Netflix

After an uncertain year filled with unfortunate events, all we can do is laugh to keep from crying. Netflix’s latest mockumentary Death to 2020 is the comedic relief necessary after an utterly crappy year. The movie chronicles all of the horrific events across the world that we had to endure in 2020. Instead of reading yet another list of 2020’s biggest fails, set your intentions for a more hopeful year in 2021 while watching this hilarious take on an eventful year.

The Netflix special, brought to you by the genius creators of Black Mirror, features a series of fictional characters primarily focused on the events of 2020 surrounding US, UK and China where the coronavirus first appeared. Death to 2020 was released on Netflix on Dec. 27, 2020 and it specifically cornerstones the widely publicized US presidential election. The mockumentary is now getting more attention as people across the world close out a hectic year.

Upon watching the special, you almost feel wrong for laughing as it depicts the year in a painfully satirical way. The film begins in chronological order featuring an all-star cast from Samuel L. Jackson to Leslie Jones, who resurfaced from their quarantined homes to recall the past 12 months of catastrophic madness. The narration by Laurence Fishburne adds to the dark and twisted element that makes this special knee-slappingly funny for those of us who are as mad as the year of 2020. Fishburne delivers the wittiest lines between cuts to fictional characters who represent typical citizens across the world and real clips of moments in time throughout the year such as Donald Trump’s ridiculous dance moves at political rallies.

There were several pop culture references from HBO’s Game of Thrones to the death of Tupac Shakur that were used to bring light to our dark past. A range of topics were brought up including political apartheid, media misinformation, rapid toilet paper shortages and racial tensions that conclude the one year that felt like five.

This brilliant body of work makes trauma feel fine, and we’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but it works for now. For instance, Lisa Kudrow known for her role in Friends, so accurately plays the role of the Trump administration representative who always goes back on her word. It was refreshing to see these fictional characters mocking real people and behaviors in such a playful and amusing way.

Fans are reacting to the mockumentary online and giving their feedback. Most people found it just as entertaining as us, while others find it a bit unnerving. Either way, it’s a must see!


People may not agree with this approach but everyone can surely relate. No one was free from the mockery in this film, and that’s what makes it extraordinary filmmaking. Be sure to watch until the very end as the credits roll, because the cast was sure to include thoughts on what 2021 might actually bring. We will refrain from anymore spoilers. Watch Netflix’s Death to 2020 as you bring in the New Year and comment your thoughts below.