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Issa Rae has been on a roll with the final season of Insecure having fans glued to their television screens. Now, Rae’s satirical true-crime podcast, “We Stay Looking” produced by Raedio, Tenderfoot TV and HBO Max has a total of eight episodes available to stream since its release on Nov. 24. Many of the episodes discuss critical topics within the Black community, specifically episode three, which is titled “The Baby Boy is Mine.”

The episode released last Monday (Dec. 13) and it tackles the ongoing health crisis of Black maternal health disparities, including the rise of  Black maternal mortality rates. Today in the US, Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than White women due to racial disparities. “We Stay Looking” is shining a light on the issues that remain prevalent in society.

In the show, Rose Cranberry, who is played by Terri J. Vaughn, takes her talents to Greenville, South Carolina to help one couple find their missing baby boy who vanished from the hospital nursery. The parents, Kammie, played by artist and viral Beyoncé impersonator Jade Novah and Karlous, played by comedian and Wild n’ Out star, Karlous Miller, realize that not all care is equal in healthcare.

Karlous found himself being admitted into the delivery room by doctors during his wife’s labor, because “they mistook him for their GrubHub deliver guy.”

This special episode provides a comedic look inside the serious issues of how Black women are so often dismissed and ignored by medical care providers, and expected to have a higher pain tolerance simply because they’re Black. They make mention of Serena Williams’ childbirth scare, amongst other examples of these disparities.

Stream the full “The Baby Boy Is Mine” episode and the rest of the series here. Watch the trailer below.