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Surprise! Issa Rae posted “impromptu” wedding photos in a beautiful white gown. The critically-acclaimed screenwriter, actress and producer has quietly married Louis Diame in the South of France.

Issa has always been “quiet as kept” about her relationship to Diame, so there’s practically no information regarding her mystery husband, their relationship or the gorgeous wedding that just took place in the Riviera.

In true Issa Rae fashion, she posted gorgeous photos of herself on Instagram in a custom Vera Wang wedding dress with a long beautiful ponytail with little to no explanation. Meanwhile, her bridesmaids are “coincidentally” wearing matching blush colored dresses. It is not until the eighth photo swipe that we see her husband Diame in a red and black tuxedo as he embraces her and her to him with a warm smile.

The wedding was planned by White Eden Weddings in the South of France on the Riviera. The ceremony took place amongst gorgeous floral arrangements and the natural greenery covering the event space.

It would not be an Issa Rae announcement without a bit of humor, so naturally she called this entire thing a hoax. She captioned the photo thanking the event planning company for: “being gracious and accommodating and making this feel so real and special.”

For those that are still confused, she is indeed happily married. Hopefully, there will be more photos of the beautiful wedding to share. Until then, here are the ten that Issa Rae so graciously shared with her Instagram community. Congratulations to the newlyweds!