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A disturbed knife-wielding man stabbed a student in a Brooklyn synagogue early Tuesday before being shot by responding officers.

Calvin Peters, 49, stabbed 22-year-old Israeli student Levi Rosenblatt in the neck as he was praying in the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters synagogue. An eyewitness heard the attacker yelling, “I will kill the Jew! I want to kill the Jew,” as he entered the religious center. NYPD were called to the scene after the attack, and fatally shot Peters after he failed to comply with police orders to put the knife down.

Startling video shows cops ordering the suspect to put the knife down in the basement of the building.

The man initially complied, placing it on a chair. Moments later, according to the video first posted by the Israeli news site 0404, the man walks back and picks up the knife again.

“Drop the f—–g knife,” cops can be heard yelling repeatedly.

A single shot rang out and hit the man in the stomach, according to cops.

The suspect, 49-year-old Calvin Peters, immediately went to the ground in the video.

Rosenblatt arrived in Brooklyn from Israel two weeks ago to study. After he was attacked by Peters, witnesses said he lay on the ground, pleading for help.

“I went over to the floor, I saw the teenager on the floor, his hair was blood. He was saying ‘save me,'” a witness said.

Another eyewitness claimed he saw Peters enter the synagogue an hour ahead of the attack.

“He was looking around, He asked for a book,” that witness said. “He looked not so much crazy, but different.”

Peters returned to the synagogue angry and carrying a knife in his hand. Synagogue officials are working closely with authorities in their investigation.

“While we are very pained by everything that has unfolded, we are very grateful to the police for their quick response and are working closely with the authorities in their ongoing investigation,” said Rabbi Motti Seligson in a statement.

“We commend the heroic efforts of the individuals who were present and took immediate action. If not for their intervention, the outcome could have been, G-d forbid, far worse. We continue to pray for the young man who is in stable condition.”

Peters died at Kings County Hospital at 3:15 a.m. Rosenblatt was in stable condition at the same hospital.