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If you were into pop culture in 2014, there’s no way you don’t know who Iggy Azalea is.

The Australian rapper blew up this year, and there’s no denying she and her serious star power gave fellow pop stars a run for their money.

Iggy has come a long way over the past few years, and it was amazing to see her name in tons of headlines throughout 2014 – whether positive or negative. Even though she’s faced criticism and gotten into a few tiffs with other artists, she’s also topped the charts, set records, and gotten check after check for endorsements, appearances, and more.

She’s even had time to fall in love in between it all.

Let’s take a look at some of Iggy’s biggest moments in 2014 below.

If for some reason you don’t recognize Iggy, you’ll definitely recognize her smash hit “Fancy.” The song topped the charts for weeks, went three times platinum, and set a record for the longest reign on the Top 100 for a female rapper. She also made fans go crazy by dropping the Clueless-inspired music video.

Iggy won statues at nearly every awards show. That includes an MTV VMA, a Young Hollywood Award, two Teen Choice Awards, two American Music Awards, and a BET Hip-Hop Award. Be warned there are probably more to come at this year’s Grammys.

Iggy had a great year, and even though she fell off stage at a VMA pre-party, she was able to recover in true pop star professional fashion. That’s nothing to the girl who’s topping the charts.

She recently announced her collaboration with famous shoe brand Steve Madden. Make that money.

Iggy had enough time in her schedule to balance a progressing relationship with NBA boyfriend Nick Young, and the two even became the faces of Forever 21. Congrats on the one-year mark, guys.

Iggy’s album The New Classic did so well, she re-released it as Reclassified just a couple of months ago, including new songs like “Beg For It” – another hit single.

It wasn’t all glitz and glam for Iggy in 2014; she also got into a couple of beefs without even trying. One day, Iggy logged onto Instagram to see hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg making jokes about the beauty’s appearance, which definitely offended her and her fans. Despite T.I. diffusing the situation, Snoop was still ready for a battle – reposting the White Chicks joke above.

Amazingly enough, Iggy decided to put the jokes to good use and dressed as Marlon Wayans’ character from White Chicks for Halloween. Your move, Snoop.

On top of all of her performances, Iggy was recruited to perform for the first time on Saturday Night Live.

You know you’re amongst the best of the best when Jennifer Lopez recruits you to put your booty next to hers in her “Booty” music video. Just when we thought J. Lo was the cream of the crop…

Iggy’s voice was all over the radio, and Ariana Grande helped enhance that even more when she featured the rapper on her sophomore album’s first single “Problem” earlier this year.

With more fame, comes more beef. That was definitely the case with one of Iggy’s unofficial arch enemies, Azealia Banks, who has been very vocal on her thoughts about Iggy over the years. Things came to a head in just the last few weeks when the Harlem rapper came at Iggy for not speaking out regarding the racial issues permeating throughout the country. Iggy didn’t seem to let it get to her.

Iggy and Rita Ora became the dream team. The duo collaborated on their single “Black Widow,” and dropped an awesome Kill Bill-inspired video for the track, performing the hit at nearly every awards show.

Iggy didn’t forget about her boss T.I. She and Tip spent a lot of time dominating the rap game with their single “No Mediocre,” even shooting the epic video down in Brazil.

On top of having her face nearly everywhere, Iggy was recruited by MTV as the official host of their House Of Style re-boot. 

Iggy truly took over 2014, and set a record with Billboard for having three singles on the charts at once, with “Fancy” giving her the longest reign on the charts for a female rapper.

Stay tuned to see what Iggy has up her bedazzled sleeve in 2015…

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, WENN, Twitter, MTV, Screenshots

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