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Amber Rose is a newly single woman, and we know there’s probably a line of people looking to date her now that she’s back on the market.

Well, fortunately for those in that line, the 30-year-old model has a proposition that can land you a one-on-one lunch date with her. All you have to do is donate at least $20,000 to an IndieGoGo campaign for the new film Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt, and you’ve got yourself a date.

While that might seem like a lot of money to most, we think it’s definitely worth it all for a chance to court one of the most sought-after women in the hip-pop world.

From her natural beauty, to her adorable personality, Amber is worth every penny in our eyes.

See ten reasons why we would pay $20,000 for a date with Amber below.

1. Because hello?! Have you SEEN her?!

2. Because she’s newly single and just about ready to mingle. A lunch date is an easy starter to getting to know this beauty, before a full-blown extravagant dinner.

3. Because Amber wears her heart on her sleeve, and we need more women like that.

4. Because she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when she needs to.

5. Because she has a smile that will definitely light up the room, and you’ll want to make her laugh.

6. Because she knows how to turn up, and still keep it classy when the time is needed.

7. Because she’s probably got some awesome stories to share about all of her extravagant nights out and fun famous friends.

8. Because she deserves a break from being a great mommy, and working on her own businesses at the same time.

9. Because she’s known to be such a sweetheart.

10. Because she shows so much love to fans, friends, and anyone who supports her.


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