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Eric Garner‘s daughter Erica led an emotional protest in Staten Island this week, as she lay in the exact spot where her father was placed in a chokehold and killed by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo.

Erica held a vigil and die-in on Thursday for her late father. The 24-year-old promised to protest twice a week to keep her father’s name alive and inspire a sense of justice amid the tragedy. As supporters lay alongside her in the street, Erica stationed herself in front of the corner store where Eric was placed in a chokehold.

Erica says she hopes to gain more support through social media. Earlier this week, the Brooklyn Nets wore t-shirts featuring Garner’s final words “I Can’t Breathe,” and her younger brother Eric Garner Jr. stood with Russell Simmons outside of City Hall on Wednesday.

“Support me getting justice for my father, and keeping the story alive and keeping my father’s memory alive,” Erica said. “Whatever images you see on TV isn’t the one who raised me.”

Eric Garner’s widow Esaw wasn’t at the die-in, but previously stated she wouldn’t accept Pantaleo’s apology for taking her husband’s life. Even though this was the first time the world has seen Erica publicly honor her father, she says she’s come to the spot every Tuesday and Thursday. Regardless if the cameras continue to follow her, Erica won’t stop paying tribute to her father.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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