The NY Police Department reportedly did a full investigation into the allegations that the rapper was assaulted by an officer.

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Emery Snipes was stopped by NYPD officers for riding the bike against traffic and entering a park after dark in lower Manhattan.

As tensions between the NYPD and the citizens of New York continue to rise, another incident is sure to add fuel to the fire.

The anniversary of Eric Garner‘s death is approaching and his family is seeking closure, but as they seek peace, the officer who put Garner into a fatal chokehold declared he can’t wait to return to work. According to Daily Mail: As the family of Eric Garner awaits closure a year after the father-of-six’s untimely death, the police […]

Justin Bieber might be working on shedding his bad boy image, but it looks like the drama is still following him. The “Confidence” singer attended the 2015 Coachella Music Festival in California, but ran into some trouble when he entered the outdoor venue just in time for Drake’s headlining performance at the end of Sunday […]


The New York Police Department officer cleared in Eric Garner’s chokehold death is being sued over a 2010 car crash that left a man with “severe and permanent” injuries, reports the New York Daily News. The officer, Daniel Pantaleo, was recently named as a defendant in a civil suit filed in Queens Supreme Court against […]

A New York Police Department (NYPD) officer has turned himself in following an attack on an MTA employee near a Bronx subway platform, police said. The officer, Mirjan Lolja, was off duty when he approached the woman from behind, put her in a bear hug, pushed her to the ground, and began choking her. He turned […]

The daughter of Eric Garner paid her respects to the slain NYPD officers who were gunned down in Brooklyn over the weekend. Emerald Garner visited the New York Police Memorial yesterday to express her condolences to the families of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. While talking to reporters, Emerald made it clear that her family isn’t anti-police. […]

Eric Garner‘s daughter Erica led an emotional protest in Staten Island this week, as she lay in the exact spot where her father was placed in a chokehold and killed by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Erica held a vigil and die-in on Thursday for her late father. The 24-year-old promised to protest twice a week […]

Amid the conversation surrounding excessive force and police brutality in the nation, another disturbing video of a police officer attempting to subdue a 15-year-old girl, punching her in the process, has gone viral. In the video, posted to Facebook Friday by Luis Paul Puleo Santiago, a female police officer can be seen from a distance struggling with a […]

The Staten Island DA has some explaining to do. After news broke that a grand jury decided not to indict the Staten Island police officer who killed Eric Garner by placing him in a chokehold, many have taken to the streets to demand answers. According to NBC News, District Attorney Daniel Donovan could have played a part in why […]

The family of a man who was killed when New York City police officers placed him in an illegal chokehold after suspecting he was selling loose cigarettes has filed a notice of claim to sue the city for $75 million. The notice, which is the first legal step toward suing over Eric Garner’s disturbing death, was […]