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2014 has been a great year for Rick Ross.

Not only did he sign more artists to his Maybach Music label, but he also released not one, but two new albums within an eight-month span. Ricky even expanded his liquor venture by adding a brut champagne to the Belaire champagne portfolio.

With everything he’s been promoting this year, GlobalGrind watched countless interviews featuring the Miami native and began noticing a trend. Rick Ross has a very interesting vocabulary made up of a few select phrases he loves to say over and over again.

If you’ve paid any attention to the “Movin’ Bass” rapper this year, you’d know that “ya unda-dig” is undoubtedly Ricky’s favorite phrase to say when communicating the concept of understanding. In one Breakfast Club interview, Rick said “ya unda-dig” over 12 times in less than 30 minutes.

Can you believe it?

If you’re thinking like Rick Ross, your answer should be “most definitely.”

These are Rick Ross’ 14 favorite phrases of 2014. UGGGGGHHHH!

14. “To The Max”

13. “Yah, Mean?”

12. “This Is Forreal, Homie” 

11. “Rose” (regarding Belaire Rose) or “Rozay” (when referring to himself in third person)

10. “Believe Dat”

9. “I’ma Be Honest” 

8. “Ross Fit” 

7. “We Bosses” 

6. “You Know?” 

5. “Ya Heard Me?” 

4. “Black Bottles” 

3. “Pears” 

2. “Most Definitely” 

1. “Ya Unda-Dig?” 

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