A couple of months ago, A$AP Mob leader A$AP Yams proclaimed that 2014 was the worst year in rap music ever. That’s a little extreme. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any truth to the statement. The year 2014 has been dreary when it comes to mainstream hip-hop. That also doesn’t mean there wasn’t some excellent rapping heard […]

This year seemed to be a turning point for social, domestic, and discriminatory issues, with more and more people coming together to fight injustice, or just to honor each other with awesome acts of kindness. While there were a lot of mediocre moments in 2014, plenty of folks were either caught placing their kind acts on social media, […]

2014 was the year of the meme. When something happened, whether funny, serious or somewhere in between, internet users turned it into a meme faster than you can say, “…but that’s none of my business.” We discovered Bobby Shmurda from a Vine video after people wondered where his hat went. We clowned Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic with movies of […]

Oh, the power of music videos. It’s no secret, bad music videos can ruin a good song, but great music videos often give mediocre songs new life. 2014 had plenty of mediocre moments, but this group of artists and directors conceptualized music videos that were quite intriguing. Iggy Azalea kicked off the summer with a nostalgic […]

Ah, what a year 2014 has been. It was filled with tons of ups, and its fair amount of downs, but either way it’s going to go down in the history books as another memorable one. With all that is currently going on in the country, and the rest of the world, the year is […]

2014 was a year filled with the good, bad, basic, and mediocre. Besides police brutality and the infringement on civil liberties of United States citizens, there wasn’t much worth discussing in 2014 – not even the Super Bowl. We should’ve known 2014 was for the basics when watching paint dry seemed like a viable alternative to watching Super […]

Tom Brady could be your favorite player in the NFL – or he could be your absolute most hated. The New England Patriots quarterback is admittedly annoying to a non-Pats fan; he’s a little too wholesome, married to one of the hottest women on the planet, and radiates a type of optimism and assuredly healthy expectation of success only ridiculously […]

Meh. What else can you say about music in 2014? While last year was relatively easy to come up with the album of the year (Yeezus, duh!) this year was struggle city. There wasn’t an album that could be considered heads over everyone else’s. Hell, there wasn’t even an album that was constantly in the conversation […]

Cue the drumroll. Oh, 2014. As we began reflecting on this past year, we started to realize something. There was a whole lot of nudity. A lot of it. Between Rihanna shining bright like a big butt-naked diamond and being booted off Instagram for her topless spread, to Kim Kardashian leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination and breaking the […]

2014 has been a great year for Rick Ross. Not only did he sign more artists to his Maybach Music label, but he also released not one, but two new albums within an eight-month span. Ricky even expanded his liquor venture by adding a brut champagne to the Belaire champagne portfolio. With everything he’s been promoting this year, GlobalGrind […]

With the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jay Z, and tons more topping the charts worldwide, it seems like American music can’t be denied anywhere you go. But there’s still much more outside the U.S. to be heard. And 2014 was another breakthrough year for artists across the pond to get their shine on in the States. Not […]