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What else can you say about music in 2014? While last year was relatively easy to come up with the album of the year (Yeezus, duh!) this year was struggle city.

There wasn’t an album that could be considered heads over everyone else’s. Hell, there wasn’t even an album that was constantly in the conversation like Yeezus.

So, how did we come up with a list? At the end of the day, we picked the albums that we listened to the most throughout the 12 months. And since there was no clear number one, there was room for more subjectivity.

Looking at our list, the youngins dominated the scene again. More than half of the albums we chose were made by artists on their first or second album.

If you want to know where the future of pop music is going, look before you.

With that being said, click though the gallery below to see GlobalGrind’s 14 best albums of 2014.

GlobalGrind’s 14 Best Albums Of 2014 (PHOTOS)
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